ICPA - 2010

16th International Conference on Perception and Action
Ouro Preto - Brazil - 2011

Ouro Preto


      Ouro Preto, in the state of Minas Gerais, is famous for its colonial architecture. It was the first city in Brazil to be declared a "Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO. It is at an altitude of 1179 meters with an estimated population of 68,208 inhabitants (as of 2004).

» Transportation Arrangements

Conference participants should plan to fly to Belo Horizonte (the state capital). We will provide transportation services from the International Airport Tancredo Neves/Confins in Belo Horizonte to Ouro Preto (July 6th) and from Ouro Preto to the airport (July 11th). We will have a person waiting at the gate, with an ICPA identification, who will help you find the van or bus that will take you to the conference hotel in Ouro Preto.

Unfortunately, due to budget restrictions, we will not be able to make individual transportation arrangements. However, we are working with an experienced team that is committed to creating a schedule that will minimize waiting time at the airport while being flexible enough to adjust for unexpected delays. Such a hard task must be regulated by reliable information! Therefore, if you decide to use the transportation service we will provide (included in the conference fee), please send an e-mail to icpa16.transportation@gmail.com with your full name, passport number, and complete itinerary as soon as you have it. This information will guide us in designing a transportation service that will fulfill, the best way possible, our collective needs.

Transportation arrangements tailored to your specific needs are also possible. In that case, costs will NOT be covered by the conference fee. ICPA 16 participants are entitled, however, to a discount. If you decide to hire this service, send an e-mail to icpa16.transportation@gmail.com and we will help you with that.

» Transportation Schedule

We now have our shuttle schedule, which we designed using the flight information we received from you. Note that people that sent their flight information will have preference for a seat if at a given time the bus fills up. In that case, you would have to wait until the next shuttle. Therefore, to avoid longer waits than needed, we strongly encourage you to send us your flight information if you have not done so! Even though the times are set, we may still guarantee more seats at each trip from the airport to Ouro Preto and from Ouro Preto to the airport.

International Airport (Belo Horizonte) – Ouro Preto

09:00h (July 6th)
11:00h (July 6th)
14:00h (July 6th)
17:00h (July 6th)
00:00h (July 7th)

Ouro Preto – International Airport

July 11th


The trip from Ouro Preto takes about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Please, consider this when planning which shuttle to take to make sure you arrive at the airport on time to catch your flight!