ICPA - 2010

16th International Conference on Perception and Action
Ouro Preto - Brazil - 2011

Ouro Preto


      Ouro Preto, in the state of Minas Gerais, is famous for its colonial architecture. It was the first city in Brazil to be declared a "Historical and Cultural Heritage of Humanity" by UNESCO. It is at an altitude of 1179 meters with an estimated population of 68,208 inhabitants (as of 2004).

» Registration

Conference registration will be managed by the Registrar’s Office of the Federal University of Minas Gerais (FUNDEP). Find below a general description of the process.

Step 1: log in to FUNDEP’s system as a “new user”. You will be asked to provide your passport number and fill out a registration form with your personal information.

Note: the form is not completely adapted to receive a foreign address and it is not under our power to change it (sorry about that!). So here are a few TIPS!

1. Where they ask for “PO box” they actually mean “Zipcode”). If your full zip code does not fit, put as many numbers as you can. ?
2. Enter your phone number without worrying about the format they indicate (xx)xxxx-xxxx. If your number has more or less than ten digits and an error message comes up, use ICPA’s organization official phone number (31) 34097411.

Important: FUNDEP guarantees the confidentiality of your personal information, which will solely be used for the purposes of registration at ICPA 16 and University statistics (e.g. profile of participants in scientific events hosted by UFMG). No other company or individual could get the information you enter in your registration process.

Step 2: conference registration proper. You will be asked to check the information you provided and confirm if correct. After that, you will be asked to indicate status (professional or student, with or without the transportation service from the international airport to Ouro Preto included) and the number of accompanying persons.

Step 3: pay the registration fee. For that, you will be directed to an environment protected by your credit card company. When your registration is finalized, you will see the following message “Processing... wait.. (date) (hour) Your inscription was done”. At that point, you may close the window and you are done!

Note: Your credit card company may require a special procedure to authorize activity on a foreign website. Please, check with them if something goes wrong. Also, payment websites require opening a pop-up window. Make the necessary adjustments if your browser is set up to block this procedure.

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